Media Planning

Interpret data and apply it effectively in the continually changing socio-cultural context. This is our daily commitment to achieve shared customer goals.

The strategic approach
After analysing the target and the marketing and communication objectives, we design the most suitable media strategy, finding the right balance between brand awareness and performance.

We combine offline and digital media activities because we believe that in today's context we have to reach target audiences in the most efficient way.

We define the most suitable media mix – from search to programmatic, from social media to video adv

Operational development.
Our dedicated teams build vertical campaigns based on data analysis and monitoring.

From Brand Awareness to Performance

We tailor campaigns to suit our customers' needs,with combined off- and online strategies. We oversee the development of the planning in terms of investment efficiency and maximisation of results, making use of our proprietary tools and our planners’ experience

Media Strategy

Budget Planning

Proprietary DSP