The challenge: to give taste to a digital communication project.

For Fiord Coop we created the website, the editorial strategy and managed the social channels.
But for us it’s never enough, we collaborated with the Magic Box group and launched some events.
It was a feast for the pupils and tastebuds!

Motion Graphics | Social Media | UX | Web Site


Gourmet window

Fiorfood welcomes its clients in its restaurant in a refined and intimate atmosphere and now thanks tour work the same experience can be lived online.


A rich menu full of events.

We built Fiorfood website to highlight the brand’s various aspects. A concept store that offers a restaurant, a coffee shop, a supermarket and a bookstore with lots of events.

Social, so tasty.

Social networks help the brand to communicate the launch in a special and unique place, through a close tone-of-voice that communicates the warmth of the Coop brand in a vest of absolute quality.


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