The challenge: convey the company culture using digital tools.

We’ve developed a digital platform for Ariston Thermo Group to guide new recruits as they discover the brand. Discover the Corporate communication.

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To feel that you’re part of a project, you’ve got to understand it in-depth.

Ariston Thermo is a leading group at the global level: it has a sizeable turnover; every day they’re joined by new resources. To ensure a smooth induction, we have created a site, which provides the new arrivals with lots of practical information and describes the fundamental values of the brand.

Institutional rhymes with emotional.

Subdivided into five macro-sections, which take you on a journey through the history of the brand, describing its business model, its mission and operating philosophy- Everything is illustrated with videos, info graphics, case-histories and images that convey a fresh, modern and emotional look&feel, in a corporate context.


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