a team
growing a dream

We are a group of professionals, friends and fans of new tech and digital. Whether we have a brief or a beer in front of us, it doesn’t matter: it’s the passion for what we do that creates the perfect alchemy.
So explore our photos but then forget everything: the strength of our team will always be greater than the sum of its parts.

Roberto botto

CEO • Founder

Enrico Chiadò Rana

Executive Creative Director • Founder

Riccardo Barbazza

Creative Director

Pamela Pelatelli

Head Of Strategy

Marco Lopane

Senior Project Manager

Marco Rossitto

Senior Digital Art Director

Luca Rastello

Senior Digital Art Director

Anna Pascale

Digital Art Director

Fabrizia Endrizzi

Social Media Specialist

Sabina Loizzo

Social Media Specialist

Flora Ciccarelli

Social Media Manager

Francesca Camboni

Digital Copywriter

Giacomo Dini

Digital Copywriter

Anna Bussolino

Digital Media Strategist

Gioia Mormile

E-commerce Specialist

Daniele Pintaudi

SEO Specialist